TOSC proudly Presents

2020 DIY bike Event

September 25th-27th

TOSC invites you to come out for a bike ride adventure! You have 3 days to complete as many challenges as you can. Create your own urban trail route or select from thoughtfully curated routes created by TOSC staff. It is going to be Legen-dary!

The Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC) was very disappointed to cancel our famous Starlight Spectacular bike event this year. You know that wild community bike ride with lots of lights, costumes and midnight pancakes at Garden of the Gods; been doing going on for 25 years! Well, 2020 is different and we care too much to put our community at risk with a big event. SO, we are thinking outside the box and going to a “DIY” format to give riders a memorable way to explore urban trails. This event is open to all ages, skill levels and people who wish to ride stationary bikes from home.


TOSC has cleverly crafted a list of challenges for riders to complete during this 3 day event. Some challenges are geared toward avid cyclists (furthest distance, how many parks can you link along urban trails, etc…). Other challenges will be for everyone (take a selfie with a landmark in the background, ride in costume or make a dance video from a certain spot). The majority of the challenges are family friendly and have social distance in mind. This will be a selfie scavenger hunt on an epic level! 


Be a Champion for Urban Trails: All proceeds from this event will benefit the Trails and Open Space Coalition. TOSC’s mission is to advocate for the creation and conservation of an interconnected network of trails, parks and open spaces across the Pikes Peak region. 


Safety: Helmets are mandatory for all riders. If riding in the dark, lights are required. All proper social distance requirements at the time of the event must be followed. Please keep groups to people living within your household. Face coverings are encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions


One week before the event, all riders will receive a list of exciting unique challenges. These challenges can be completed over the course of the event weekend and involve taking selfies. Share these selfies on social media for bragging rights. Also one week out, riders will receive a curated list of unique routes that have been selected by TOSC staff. These routes will include fun loops and out & backs that will allow riders to experience all areas of Colorado Springs.


A week before the event, you will receive an email with 30+ challenges. Some challenges will be for avid cyclist;  how far you can bike in a weekend and how many parks you can stop at along urban trails. Other challenges will be family friendly.  Some other challenges will be specific to routes that TOSC picks and will have you looking for landmarks. Grab a costume and be ready for a wild scavenger hunt.

Examples of Challenges:

-Take a selfie where the Colorado Springs skyline and Pikes Peak are in the Background.

-Take a selfie at the 10 mile mark of your adventure.

-Where a costume for your ride and take a selfie at the first mile mark of your adventure.

-Take a selfie at your pre/post ride picnic

When you sign up for this fun event, you are supporting the trails, parks and open spaces in the Pikes Peak region. All the proceeds benefit the Trails and Open Space Coalition! This event is the big fundraiser taking the place of the cancelled Starlight Spectacular.


A warm fuzzy feeling for helping COS trails, a printable race bib, PLUS when you complete challenges, you will get entered in a drawing for a grand prize!  Description of what will be included in the grand prize will be revealed closer to the event.  Be watching Facebook and Instagram for more information.   

PikeRide has bike share stations all over Downtown COS, even in Old Colorado City! 


Information will be posted soon.

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