Ute Valley Park

Image courtesy of Bob Falcone.

Ute Valley is a popular regional park with 338 acres in the northwest part of Colorado Springs. Surrounded on all sides by homes it is dominated by a hogback ridge on the west side. Miles of trails intertwine throughout the park and property to the east including a 2.5 mile loop. 200 acres east and adjacent were previously owned by Hewlett Packard. The city is in the process of purchasing the additional land using TOPS, GOCO and private donations. Ute Valley Park is a popular place for both hiking and biking with many sandstone cliffs and mesas but also some flat, wooded areas. Ute Valley Park can be accessed from several different places but the main (small) parking is located off Vindicator Drive. Friends of Ute Valley Park raise money and help maintain the property.

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