Templeton Gap Trail

The Templeton Gap Trail runs about 4.5 miles, connecting the Pikes Peak Greenway and Goose Gossage Sports Complex on the west end with Palmer Park on the east. The trail has an on-street crossing at Nevada and goes under Union and Austin Bluffs.


Parking is available at the trailhead at the Gossage Sports Complex and at Portal Park off of North Hancock Avenue at the trail’s midpoint. The trail can also be accessed from Palmer Park by way of the Greencrest Trail.


There is a connection to the Austin Bluffs Trail leading to the campus of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs at North Union Boulevard, to the Greencrest Trail leading into Palmer Park, and to the Pikes Peak Greenway at Goose Gossage Complex. The Sinton Trail can also be accessed from Goose Gossage to continue west.[/spb_text_block]

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