Pineries Open Space

The Pineries Open Space, in Black Forest north of Colorado Springs, is owned by El Paso County. The Pineries Open Space is approximately 1,067 acres in size and is located northeast of the intersection of Vollmer Road and Shoup Road.  The property is under a conservation easement designed to preserve the land in its natural state, with a buffer area set aside for development of park facilities. El Paso County has developed a Master Plan for the Open Space, calling for the development of a limited trail system, interpretive signs and benches, with a view to opening the less-restricted areas to the public in the future.

It is expected to be open to the public December 2019.

TOSC is planning a series of Member-only hikes in cooperation with the El Paso County Parks Department, to allow our members to see and appreciate the unspoiled beauty of this pristine area.