Colorado Front Range Trail – New Santa Fe, Pikes Peak Greenway & Fountain Creek

Colorado Front Range Trail is the name for the entire trail system, which one day will run from Wyoming to New Mexico, along the Front Range of Colorado, totaling 876 miles. For more information on the progress of the Colorado Front Range Trail Project, visit


In El Paso County, the multi-use trail system is roughly 43 continuous miles. The surface varies from dirt and gravel to asphalt and concrete, with a gradual downhill slop when heading south. Depending on where you are on this north-west transportation corridor, it has different names.

The northern section begins in Palmer Lake, north of Monument, and is more commonly known as the New Santa Fe Regional Trail. This segment is generally straight and level and stretches about 17 miles through natural, open areas. The trail is six-foot wide and primarily gravel. The US Air Force Academy provides a crucial 6.9 mile trail easement, do NOT go off trail on Air Force Academy Property.


Near Woodman Road, the trail transitions to a new segment called the Pikes Peak Greenway. Pikes Peak Greenway runs north to south across the whole city of Colorado Springs. It travels alongside I-25, Monument Creek and Fountain Creek from just south of the Air Force Academy in the north to Fountain in the south; it’s around 16 miles. It connects to a number of other trails and has multiple trailheads making it a very popular route for pedestrians and cyclists in the city.  The trail is mostly paved with gentle changes in elevation.  Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) and TOPS, have invested in making this an 8-foot-wide concrete commuter trail, from Monument Valley Park to Highway 24.


The Pikes Peak Greenway is the spine of the urban trail system in Colorado Springs! It connects to dozens of east-west trails throughout the city, and passes near several beloved points of interest, including: Pikeview Reservoir, Goose Gossage Youth  Sports Complex, Popcycle Bridge, Monument Valley Park, America the Beautiful Park, and the El Pomar Youth Sports Park.


Around El Pomar Youth Sports Park the trail transitions to Fountain Creek Regional Trail. The trail continues to follow Fountain Creek south to the Fountain Creek Regional Park in Fountain, terminating at Bandley Dr. Fountain Creek Regional Trail is about 10 miles long, with an additional 3 miles (disconnected) in Clear Springs Ranch Open Space. This segment has a dirt trail surface and more hills than the other segments.


History: In April 1982, Palmer Lake celebrated the formal opening of the New Santa Fe Regional Trail, which extends 15 miles from Palmer Lake in the north to the United States Air Force Academy in the south. In 2013, thanks to a generous donation from REI Colorado Springs, the Trails and Open Space Coalition partnered with the City of Colorado Springs, the Greenway fund, and Leadership Pikes Peak to build 15 new adoptee groups for the entire length of the Greenway.


New Santa Fe Regional Trail and Fountain Creek Regional Trail are managed by El Paso County Parks (719) 520-7529. 

Pikes Peak Greenway is managed by City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (719) 385-5940.   


Use the GoCOS! app to report issues such as trail damage, vandalism, or other maintenance needs. Our City and County rely on community members to report problems so they can be fixed.
New Santa Fe Regional Trail
Pikes Peak Greenway by Goose Gossage Youth Sports Complex
Fountain Creek Regional Trail in Fountain Creek Regional Park
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