Pikes Peak Greenway/Santa Fe/Fountain Creek/Front Range Trail

Four names for one trail? Depending on where you are on this north-west transportation corridor, it has different names. The Santa Fe Trail is the northern section in El Paso County that runs to the US Air Force Academy and the City of Palmer Lake. The Pikes Peak Greenway is a 16-mile stretch of the trail in Colorado Springs running alongside I-25 and Fountain Creek from just south of the Air Force Academy in the north to Fountain in the south. Fountain Creek Regional Trail, in El Paso County, runs south from the Colorado Springs boundary. Portions of the Fountain Creek Trail were closed after suffering extensive damage in the floods of September 2013.

The Front Range Trail is the name for the entire system, which one day will run from Wyoming to New Mexico, along the Front Range of Colorado, for 876 miles. For more information on the progress of the Colorado Front Range Trail Project, visit here.

It is the spine of the urban trail system in Colorado Springs, connecting to dozens of east-west trails along its length, and passing Pikeview Reservoir, Gossage Sports Complex, Monument Valley Park, America the Beautiful Park, Dorchester Park, and the Colorado Springs Youth Sports Complex. Through grants from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) and the Colorado Springs TOPS Program, much of the middle section through the city is an 8-foot-wide concrete commuter trail.
Thanks to a generous donation from REI Colorado Springs, the Trails and Open Space Coalition in 2013 partnered with the City of Colorado Springs, the Greenway fund, and Leadership Pikes Peak to build 15 new adoptee groups for the entire length of the Greenway.

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