Foothills Trail

Unfortunately, Google does not have the Foothills Trail labeled as other trails, but it is marked in green.

The Foothills Trail spans approximately 6.5 miles and plays a crucial role in connecting the west side of Colorado Springs. Running primarily in a north/south direction parallel to Flying W Ranch Rd and 30th Street, the trail commences in the north near Oak Valley Ranch Park, following south along an irrigation channel (Flying Ranch Rd). At Garden of the Gods, a small spur connects to the Sinton Trail, while the main trail continues along 30th Street.

Upon reaching Chambers Way (near Garden of the Gods Dog Park), the trail transitions into a sidewalk along 31st. Its southern terminus is at Colorado Blvd. The surface along 30th is smooth concrete, whereas along Flying Ranch Rd, the trail is mostly dirt with occasional pavement sections. There are several street crossings.
In general, the trail offers a moderate experience with rolling hills and breathtaking views. Managed by the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services, inquiries can be directed to (719) 385-5940. For additional information, visit

Connections: The Foothills Trail links with the Sinton Trail on Garden of the Gods Rd. At the southern end, it connects to sidewalks and bike lanes on 31st St, leading to Red Rock Canyon Open Space on the opposite side of Hwy 24. The trail traverses Mountain Shadows Park, Blair Bridge Open Space, passes under N 30th St, skirts the edge of Garden of the Gods Park and its dog park, providing convenient access to the Garden for the Pleasant Valley neighborhood. On the east side of 30th St, it connects to the Palmer-Mesa Trail.

Future Plans: As part of the Camp Creek drainage reconfiguration down the center of 31st, a multi-use path will be added, connecting to the Foothills Trail. Refer to the COS Park System Master Plan for additional details, including trail networks.


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