Crews Gulch Trail

The Crews Gulch Trail is about 2.5 miles long. The trail winds through neighborhoods, along a riparian corridor and through Widefield Park. The trail begins in the west at John Ceresa Memorial Park, travels northeast to Widefield Community Park and ends abruptly at Fontaine Blvd. The trail surface is mostly gravel, with some paved areas. There are several neighborhood street crossings. 


This trail is managed by El Paso County Parks Department: (719) 520-7529. For more info visit


Connections: Crews Gulch Trail links into Fountain Creek Regional Trail, near Willow Pond #2. There are several neighborhood connections along the trail, providing easy access to Widefield Community Park and Fountain Creek Park & Nature Center. 


Future Plans: Once completed the trail will connect Bluestem Prairie Open Space to Fountain Creek Regional Park.

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