Corral Bluffs Open Space

Image courtesy of Bill Koerner.

Corral Bluffs is located at the eastern edge of Colorado Springs, Colorado, approximately 4 miles east of Powers Blvd. Its scenic 400 ft. high bluffs contain rich archaeological and paleontological resources, and provide important wildlife habitat, including to some endangered species. A large regional open space at Corral Bluffs would preserve land that has been designated as high priority for conservation since 1985. It would also serve the needs of the rapidly expanding population in eastern El Paso County. The first Corral Bluffs Open Space parcel of 522 acres was purchased by TOPS in 2009.

Although currently not open to the public, research on the resources is continuing as part of the pre-master plan process.  After completion of the master plan, the implementation of a trails and resources protection plan, the open space could be opened to the public.  TOSC has regular members-only hikes to explore Corral Bluffs, and continues to advocate for and work toward a larger open space area open to the public. You can visit for information on public guided hikes.

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