Blodgett Peak Open Space

Image courtesy of Liz Enas.

The 167-acre open space parcel offers a beautiful mountain setting for people to walk along existing roads and new trails. It has active streams, transitions from Ponderosa to Douglas fir, and is home to the peregrine falcon. The open space is next to Blodgett Peak itself and to Pike National Forest, both currently closed due to damage from the Waldo Canyon Fire. In 2013, TOSC worked with the City of Colorado Springs to host a series of community meetings and hikes in the open space, to view the fire damage and ongoing restoration efforts. The City worked with TOSC, citizens, and neighborhood groups to restore the open space to public use as soon as it was safely possible.

This parcel was once part of Blodgett Ranch. You can see a number of geological rock features showing rock sedimentation, including Manitou Limestone, Fountain Formation, and Pierre Shale. The Rampart Range fault separates the sedimentary bedrock from the granite.

Take I-25 north to the Woodmen Road exist. Exit west. At the first traffic light, turn north onto Woodmen Road and continue for approximately five miles. The Blodgett Peak Open Space Trailhead is on the west side of the road. The open space has a new trailhead with a restroom that was partially funded by the Trails and Open Space Coalition. There are 3+ miles of trails.

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