Support the coalition

We advocate for the creation and conservation of an interconnected network of trails, parks and open spaces across the Pikes Peak region. 

Support our mission, help preserve our outdoor spaces and maintaining a high-quality experience for all users. Help us be the voices for our parks, trails and open spaces! Together we can make a difference. 

Join the coalition and help protect our outdoor legacies for future generations.
Basic Membership
Young Professional

Young Professionals (for members under 30) who wants to help trails, parks and open space. 



The basic membership level is for an individual who wants to help preserve trails, parks and open space.


Joining TOSC as a Household provides more community connections and helps to diversify our member base. Education and environmental stewardship are important to the sustainability of our parks, trails and open spaces.

 Your membership allows TOSC’s to advocate for the parks, trails and open space in our community.

– Perks of Membership –
Advanced Membership

Sustainers are individuals who want to give beyond their membership.  A sustainer donation can help us educate the public about the importance of our trails and open spaces by funding a free educational hike for college students or concerned community members.


A donation from a benefactor can give some of our initiatives significant momentum. $250 is what it takes to fund one of our Friends Group round tables, which are critical for TOSC employees to gather concerns, ideas and needs of the Friends Groups, groups of volunteers that maintain and advocate for the spaces in their neighborhoods.


A conservationist donation helps fund larger projects, such as the production of a map for a major trail project. We want our conservationist donors to be in the know about how their donations are working towards our vision.

Summit Society
Summit Society

Did you know it takes 50-100 hours of staff time to get a Friends Group created for a park. $1,000 – $2,000 helps support the cost to get our staff out into the community and help these grassroots groups become powerful voices, advocates and volunteer groups for our favorite parks.

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