The Trails and Open Space Coalition wants to help you get outside and find easy walks, hikes and bike rides! All it takes is 20 minutes a day outdoors to start seeing positive changes in your physical and mental health. Have more time or want to go further? Try out one of the longer options listed.

During this pandemic, the outdoors have taken on an important role in helping us cope. Our parks and trails provide much-needed physical activity, solace and a sense of normalcy. Now more than ever, it is important for us to be good stewards. If you can, please consider donating to the Trials and Open Space Coalition. We advocate for the creation and conservation of an interconnected network of trails and open spaces across the Pikes Peak region. You can help protect and maintain our trails and open spaces. 

Thanks to the following businesses for supporting this project
We would also like to thank our project partners including Peak Vista Community Health Centers.

To view all of our suggested Get Out – Get Healthy activities you can browse the “Relive” videos in each category of activity by clicking the buttons to the below.

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20 minute Walks

These are easy walks that most people can start today. No additional outdoor equipment is necessary to enjoy these green spaces.

Meadowland Park
  • Address: Dickens Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
  • Easy .4 mile loop concrete sidewalk path that is flat. 
  • This park has a volleyball court, playground, picnic benches, volleyball court and large grass field.

Soaring Eagle Park
  • Address: 3201 Spotted Trail Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
  • Easy .3 mile loop concrete sidewalk path that is flat. 
  • Wheelchair Friendly
  • This park has a playground, large field, benches, picnic tables and seasonal restroom facilities.

Windmill Mesa Park
  • Address: 4610 Fencer Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911
  • Easy .4 mile standard sized loop sidewalk path that is flat.
  • Wheelchair Friendly
  • This park has a playground, tennis/pickleball courts, basketball court, benches, picnic tables, shelter and portable restrooms. 

Carver Park and Neighborhood Trail
  • Address: 470 Artistic Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
  • Easy .7 mile standard sized sidewalk path (one way). 
  • This trail connects Carver Park to Penrose Park.  The area is lined with grass and trees.

Henry Park
  • Address: 1404 Lehmberg Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80915
  • Easy .4 mile loop concrete sidewalk path. 
  • The park has picnic tables, large grass field, playground and basketball court.

Nancy Lewis Park
  • Address: 2615 Logan Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80907
  • Easy .5 Mile standard sized sidewalk around the park with various sidewalks around the pond. 
  • The highlight of this park is the pond with benches and picnic tables around it.  There is also a large grass field, bocce ball court and a playground.  Restrooms are open in the summer.

Woodmen Valley Park
  • Address: 2525 West Woodmen Road, Colorado Springs, CO
  • The Ridgeline Trail is .7 miles and is narrow and dirt.  There are concrete sidewalks along the park. 
  • The highlight of this park is a trail that goes up a hill and has views of rock formations.  There is also a covered picnic area, playground and large grass field.

Reflection Pond Park
  • Address: 900 Chapel Hills Drive, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Easy .3 Mile loop path around the pond. 
  • Wheelchair Friendly
  • The highlight of this park is a medium sized duck pond with benches positioned around the pond.  

Wildflower Park
  • Address: 980 Nolte Drive West, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
  • Easy .5 miles of walking paths with longer routes possible using the Sand Creek Trail. 
  • This park has a playground, walking path along a creek and picnic areas.

Penrose Park
  • Address: Nonchalant Circle South, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
  • Easy .5 mile loop on concrete sidewalks.
  • This park has large athletic fields, playground and picnic areas.

Old Farm Park
  • Address: 4585 Old Farm Circle West, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
  • Moderate .8 Mile dirt trail walking path with some sidewalk paths in the area. 
  • This park has a playground, large grass field and a few benches along the path.

Wild Rumpus Park
  • Address: 3841 Horse Gulch Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80924
  • Easy .06 system of trails with wide sidewalks and some dirt trails available.
  • This park features a playground, picnic pavilion, benches and seasonal restroom facilities.

40 Minute Walks and Hikes

40 minute options are around 1 mile long.

Quail Lake
  • Address: 915 Cheyenne Mountain Blvd,  Colorado Springs, CO 80906
  • Easy/Moderate 1.1 trail loop around the lake using dirt trails and concrete sidewalk. 
  • The highlight is a large lake that allows for fishing.  There are benches and picnic tables.  On the west side of the park, there is a playground, restrooms and a grass field. 

Rock Island Trail
  • Address: 1901 North Murray Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
  • Easy 1 mile route along wide concrete sidewalk trail going to the east. 
  • Highlights include great views of the city and an excellent path for riding bikes or pushing strollers.

Widefield Community Park
  • Address: corner of Drury Land and Fontaine Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80911
  • Variety of sidewalk and dirt walking paths around the park. 
  • Highlights include body weight workout machines, disc golf course, playground, basketball and tennis courts.  There are benches, seasonal restroom facilities and picnic benches. 

Bear Creek East
  • Address: 2002 Creek Crossing Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80905
  • Easy/Moderate 1.9 miles of dirt standard sized trails.
  • Highlights include hiking trails through meadows and lightly forested areas.  Benches are scatter throughout the area and there are picnic areas and a playground near the parking lot.

John Metcalf Memorial Park
  • Address: 704 East Ohio Avenue, Fountain, CO 80917 
  • Easy 1.4 mile loop that follows standard sized dirt and concrete paths. 
  • This park features large grass fields with shade trees.  There are benches, picnic tables, playground and seasonal restroom facilities. 

High Chaparral Open Space
  • Address: Trailhead parking lot off Eastbound Stetson Hills Blvd between Austin Bluffs Pkwy and Powers Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
  • Moderate 1.57 loop dirt trails.  Width varies. 355 foot elevation gain.
  • This trail system features prairie landscape with loop dirt trail on rolling hills.  This open space has one of the best views of the Front Range.  There are no benches or facilities at this open space.

Northern Stetson Hills Open Space
  • Address: 7320 Dublin Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80923
  • Network of easy trails to walk.  One loop is on concrete and dirt trails that is .9 miles.  The Sand Creek Trail in the area is over 1 mile and is wide paved. 
  • This open space features nice wide trails for walking, strollers and biking.  Sand Creek flows through the open space and creates wonderful habitat for birds and wildlife. 

Adams Open Space
  • Address: 298 South Main Street, Fountain, CO 80817
  • Easy/Moderate dirt 1.6 trail.  
  • Access to library and neighborhood park that has a playground and benches. 

Fountain Creek Regional Park Loop
  • Address: 2010 Duckwood Road, Fountain, CO 80817
  • Easy concrete sidewalk path that is 1 mile long.  Possible ways to extend walk onto the Fountain Creek Regional Trail. 
  • Concrete sidewalks are wheelchair friendly. 
  • Highlights of this park include a fishing pond, dog park, bird watching habitat, playground, covered picnic areas and seasonal bathroom facilities. 

Rampart Park
  • Address: 8270 Lexington Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
  • Easy/Moderate 1 mile concrete loop walking path.
  • This park features a nice loop walking path over rolling hills.  There is a large dog park, disc golf course, playground, grass field, benches, picnic tables, bike park and restroom facilities.

Willow Springs Ponds
  • Address: Willow Spring Road, Fountain, CO 80817
  • Easy .9 mile loop walk on dirt trails.
  • This park has two ponds, benches and seasonal restrooms.  Fishing is allowed and this is a great location for birding and wildlife viewing.

60 Minute Outings

60 Minute options are more than 1 mile.  These walks/hikes/bike rides offer various trail conditions, some with more challenging terrains.

Memorial Park (Memorial to Memorial Route)
  • Address: 1315 East Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
  • Easy 2 mile walk on paved sidewalks linking the memorial sites in Memorial Park. 
  • Memorial Park features a lot of recreation options.  There is also a 1.5 mile wide sidewalk path around Prospect Lake that has bodyweight exercise equipment along the path.  There are benches, playgrounds, picnic benches and many large grass fields. 

Bluestem Prairie Open Space
  • Address: 6254 Goldfield Drive, Fountain, Colorado 80911
  • Easy/Moderate dirt hiking paths.  Over 9 miles of trails are in this open space. 
  • This open space features 9 miles of dirt paths for walking.  These paths are perfect for an “out and back” style walk where you walk as far as you want and then return.  There are no facilities or benches.

Cottonwood Creek Loop
  • Address: 7040 Rangewood Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
  • Easy/Moderate 2.97 mile concrete sidewalk/dirt path loop
  • This route features Creekside walking for the entirety of the walk.  There are facilities in Cottonwood Creek Park.  There are no benches or picnic tables along the path. 

Ute Trail 
  • Address: 3105 Gateway Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 
  • Moderate 1 mile dirt hiking trail.  Options are present to make hike longer. 
  • Garden of the Gods Park trail that features great views of rock formations and possible wildlife sightings.  Nearest facilities are 1 mile away by car at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center.

La Foret Trail
  • Address: 1102 Middle Creek Parkway, Colorado Springs 80921
  • Easy 2.2 mile concrete path.  Features two small loops around two small ponds. 
  • This path starts in Mary Kyer Park which has a pond, seasonal restroom facilities, playground, picnic areas, shelter and large grass field. 

Black Forest Regional Park Loop
  • Address: 4800 Shoup Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80908 
  • Easy 2.1 mile dirt trail loop. 
  • This regional park has restroom facilities, benches, picnic tables, playground and large grass field near the trail head.  There are more easy trails to make your hike longer if needed.

Sand Creek Trail from Stetson Park
  • Address: 4870 Jedediah Smith Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80923
  • Moderate paved and dirt path route with options to make a .5 mile and 2.6 mile roundtrip walk. 
  • At Stetson Park, there is a playground, picnic tables and a grass field.  Along the Sand Creek trail, there is nice views of the water.  No facilities along the trail.  

Children’s Adventures Sponsored by Children's Hospital Colorado - Colorado Springs.

Want to get your family outside and engaged in healthy activities? Try out these family friendly options that will help your family bond with nature.

Fountain Creek Nature Center
  • Address: 320 Peppergrass Lane, Fountain, CO 80817
  • The Fountain Creek Nature Center is the perfect place for families to spend time.  The nature center has hands-on activities and exhibits that teach about nature in the area.  The walking trails are perfect for young children with ponds and big trees along the path.  Watch for birds, frogs, white-tailed deer and turtles.

John Venezia Park
  • Address: 3555 Briargate Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
  • John Venezia Park has several fully accessible playgrounds that are perfect for families.  There is one of the best splashpads in the summer in the middle of the park.  Around the park are wonderful paths for kids to watch for wildlife and wildflowers in grassy habitats.  

Bear Creek Regional Park
  • Address: 245 Bear Creek Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
  • Bear Creek Regional Park is anchored by the oldest nature center in Colorado, the Bear Creek Nature Center.  This nature center has a fish tank full of cutthroat trout and a working beehive.  There is a wheelchair friendly path that leads in a short loop to the creek and back. For older children, there are great places to play in Bear Creek. 

Sand Creek Disc Golf Course
  • Address: 2201 Streambank Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80951 
  • Disc golf is growing trend in Colorado Springs! This disc golf course is great for beginners because of the lack of natural obstacles. The longer walking path around this area is a great way for the family to get exercise. 

Rock Ledge Ranch
  • Address: 3105 Gateway Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
  • Rock Ledge Ranch is a great place for families with children of all ages to explore.  There are farm animals and historic buildings.  In the summer, there are crops being grown in big open fields.  All around the ranch, there are easy trails to use for short walks. 

Sondermann Park
  • Address: 740 West Caramillo Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
  • Sondermann Park is green oasis in the middle of Colorado Springs.  This park is perfect for playing along the creek or making houses out of large sticks.  All year long, this park is excellent for easy wildlife viewing and walking on easy trails.

Art Walks presented by GE Johnson

Colorado Springs is a hub for art!  Try out one of these walks to experience art in iconic parks and trails.

Acacia to Alamo
  • Address: Acacia Park: 115 East Platte Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 
  • This is a unique art walk because it is always in a state of change. This route connects two of Colorado Springs’ historic Downtown Parks.  Along the route, be on the lookout for statues, murals, art displays and amazing architecture.  

Old Colorado City
  • Address: Bancroft Park: 2408 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs 80904
  • The path that connects the parks of Old Colorado City takes you by a wide variety of art.  Featuring historic architecture, murals, statues and other art displays, there is no lack of creativity on display. 

Tom Kelly Big Lawn
  • Address: 11894 Grand Lawn Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80924
  • This little park has one of the most unique art features in Colorado Springs.  There are art easels in the park facing Pikes Peak so you can draw or paint what you are seeing.  For people who like to draw flowers, the gardens around this little park are perfect to spend time drawing what is in bloom during the springs and summer.

Ridge Trail
  • Address: South Garden Parking Lot #10, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
  • The Ridge Trail in the Garden of the Gods Park has one of the most spectacular views of the large sandstone rock formations.  This short .5 mile hike also has rare rock formations along the trail that give a variety of texture and colors; perfect for photography or plein-air painting.

Monument Valley Park Loop
  • Address: Parking lot at the corner of Mesa Avenue and Mesa Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
  • Monument Valley Park is home to a lot of fun artistic features.  In the demonstration garden, there are statues that pay tribute to farming. The heritage garden is a great location to admire the art of gardening. Near the corner of Glenn Ave and Unitah Street, be on the lookout for Van Briggle Pottery tiles that are a part of the building and walls in that area.
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