You don’t have to get your hands dirty to make a difference in our outdoor spaces! However, we have those options too if that’s your cup of tea. There are a lot of different ways to directly impact our Colorado landscape through our partners and advocacy.

Show Up

The Trails and Open Space Coalition works to create a social and political climate in which local decisions to fund our open spaces, parks, and trails are approved and supported. We encourage you to get involved in the process to help make our voices stronger. Whether it’s showing up to public meetings or just sharing the message on social media, all advocacy is essential to getting trails built, preserving our open space, and getting adequate funding for parks.

Become a Friend

The Pikes Peak Region ranks regularly among the highest on lists of cities with great parks and open spaces along the Front Range, however we’re also among the lowest in terms of funding for those assets. As a result, citizens have taken the initiative, and have formed Friends Groups for most of the parks and open spaces in the region. These all-volunteer groups often lack the skills necessary to be sustainable and perform at a high level. The Trails and Open Space Coalition has taken on the creation, fostering, and development of these groups as a means to ensure that parks, trails, and open spaces get some of the funding and maintenance that the city can’t provide. If you’re the type to be hands-on and get a little dirty, these groups are always looking for new  volunteers.

Creek Week

Seeking Watershed Warriors! Did you know that trash and debris left on our land eventually ends up in our waterways? This rubbish clogs drainage systems, impacts wildlife, affects water quality, and ruins the view of our natural landscapes. Creek Week is the biggest clean-up in the State of Colorado and is held every year. There are two big ways to directly impact our beautiful outdoors: you can commit to take action during Creek Week or just donate to their cause.

Looking for a way to give back? Our Volunteer Calendar has work days and cleanups for all of our Friends Groups in the Pikes Peak region! Click on an event to get more details and contact information.

Volunteer Friends Groups

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