Beginning in about 2015, the Trails and Open Space Coalition began a collaborative effort to complete the Ring the Peak Trail. In 2019, a Master Plan was developed that plotted a way forward to address not only the physical gap in the trail, but also the management and community engagement issues that had stymied efforts in the past. The Ring the Peak Master Plan – Closing the Gap was approved by the many private, non-profit and agency stakeholders in August, 2019. For more general information and updates on the Ring the Peak Trail please see the web site.

Using the Master plan as a guide, TOSC staff members have begun negotiations with the U.S. Forest Service to finalize trail routes through their property on the southwest side of Pikes Peak. Once these negotiations are finalized and we have an approved route, we expect to begin preparing for trail construction.

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you can help us complete the ring the peak trail by joining

the fellowship of the ring

With apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien, we have created a dedicated fund to tackle some of the initial costs of moving forward on the next phase of completing the Ring the Peak Trail.


Your donations will help us fund:


  • Trail design, layout and marking;
  • Land surveys;
  • Property documentation;
  • Support of USFS environmental documentation
  • Construction grant preparation
  • Project management.

Each donation at or above the $100 – “Ring Steward” level will receive a special commemorative gift to honor your donation.

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