We asked, you answered: Where would you like to see addition crossings?


Improving Trail Safety


One of the most dangerous spots along a trail is where that trail crosses a road. Last year across Colorado there was a 33% increase in cyclist/car fatalities. The number of pedestrians killed by cars hit a new high. In a recent edition of Trail Talk, we asked for your suggestions on areas you felt needed an improved trail crossing – here were some of your suggestions:


The first one that comes to mind would be Cottonwood Creek Trail over Union.
The second is Midland trail over 8th.
The third is Rock Island trail over Academy.

I realize these would be expensive projects and maybe not even doable, but would be a great improvement to each trail.

Dave T.




1. Rock Island and TGap – while slightly better than it once was, this non signalized crossing can get busy during rush hour and some people blow through that street without stopping. If that gets improved then you will pretty much have a straight shot to Shook’s Run and the Greenway (once that project is completed).

2. Rock Island and Union – while signalized, union is one of the busiest streets the trail crosses, a protected crossing would be best (ie, a no turn on red while the pedestrian walk sign is on).

3. Rock Island and Academy – pretty much same point as number 2.

4. Rock Island and Chelton – I would recommend that the curb gets designed with bump outs to reduce the length of the crossing and put no turn on red signals while the pedestrian sign is on.

5. Cottonwood Creek and Union – such a large and busy intersection, I would like to have a no turn on red and get the ped crossing signal protected .

I hope this is what you mean, let me know if you have any questions!

Stefan M.




When the Vindicator parking lot is full, people park on Bison Ridge Drive and have to cross Vindicator to get access to the park trailheads. This happens ALOT in the warmer months and particularly on weekends. A signalized crossing either at Bison Ridge or a block west so the crossing would lead to the parking lot would allow pedestrians to safely cross Vindicator.  The curve on Vindicator east of Bison Ridge makes it challenging to cross because the sight line is limited and cars come around the curve going 35-40+mph. (Note: Bison Ridge “T’s” into Vindicator at 2 locations and I am referencing the west intersection.). I contacted the city about this pushing 2 years ago I think, and I got a response saying they agreed that a signalized crossing is warranted but there has been no action.
Thank you for supporting this recommendation. Let me know if you have any questions

Aaron R.




The westside could desperately use a safer and more convenient bicycle and pedestrian crossing to the Red Rocks Canyon Open Space parking lot from the Midland Trail and Ridge Road area
Crossing Hwy 24 as pedestrian is like asking for a death sentence.
Anyway we may provide this missing safety link so that families, runners, bicyclists and other folks may actually arrive using active transportation vs. driving cars would be amazing. We need help to elevate this much needed final connection from the trail and from two communities (both Manitou and COS).
Thank you for your advocacy efforts so that more people may continue and even consider ways of getting around outside of vehicles to enjoy our great outdoors.
Joan S.
Rock Island Trail, crossing Union Boulevard. Needs a pedestrian tunnel.

Rock Island Trail, Circle Drive pedestrian tunnel. Often full of broken glass and trash. Homeless camp there. Also, gang graffiti. Needs a surveillance camera, and regular cleaning to remove sharp objects and biological hazards
Amy B.

I am a cyclist of almost 20 years here in the Springs, making heavy use of many of the trails all over the City.  I now live on the east side of town, and bike commute to work on south Hancock near the cemetery.  This requires me to get from where I am near South Carefree & Powers over to the Rock Island Trail.  This is the only east-west trail that I can take all the way into Patty Jewett before heading south on the Shooks Run trail.  To get to Rock Island from where I am, I must cross Constitution. 


There are two options.  One is to take the Homestead through some extremely poorly maintained trail sections and through an off-trail muddy rutted track between some houses (not the best option when it is dark or icy).  This eventually gets me to Murray and Constitution and a light.


The other option is to cross Constitution at Sierra over to Constitution Court, which then has a short gravel spur trail at the end to connect to Rock Island.  The Sierra at Constitution crossing is my preferred, but only because I cross at 5:45 AM without much traffic.  I would never attempt this crossing later in the morning, or in the afternoon.  There is a hill and it is a little scary to cross five lanes with cars coming well over the posted speed limit in both directions.  The problem I see is that between Murray and Powers along Constitution there is not one signaled crossing other than the one at the Safeway shopping center (which is essentially at Powers).  


That was a long way of saying we need a better way to access the Rock Island Trail between Murray and Powers.  I did put in a request to the City to get a signaled crossing at Sierra, given that we do have a short trail connection at the end of Constitution Court.  Otherwise, getting to Rock Island from the north side of Constitution at any spot between Powers and Murray is almost impossible and dangerous to do during most daylight hours.  I know this is probably the least likely of any of the requests out there, as the use case is not high enough for the cost, but in my mind, this is a giant gap in the connectivity of our trail system.


Tami O.

Do you know of any other spots that would benefit from additional safety measures? Head over to our Facebook Page and join the conversation. 

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