Jackie Hilaire, President and Founder of Corral Bluffs Alliance supports the TOPS extension and increase:

I have felt for the many years I have lived in COS that the reason so many flock to this area and then ultimately make it their home is our extensive natural beauty.  As our city’s founder, Gen. Palmer, knew the parks are a fundamental part of a great city such as ours.  To continue to be a welcoming and great place we need to maintain Palmer’s vision of a city with lots of open spaces, parks and trails.  His vision of a “string of pearls”;  — parks connected with open spaces via trails, parks and OS as the pearls and trails as the string. are worth protecting and expanding.  The only way to do this effectively is to have the funds to maintain what we already have and to expand when the opportunity presents itself.  With the current dedicated parks staff supported by citizen advisory boards (TOPS and Parks Bd), it’s quite apparent the long term interest in maintaining and expanding this vision is alive and well.  But as with most functioning processes, the funds to keep this process going requires your input for initiative 2C — TOPS Initiative. To keep the funding coming for the next two decades (20 years), this must pass.
Please strongly consider using your vote to support this 2 cents per $10 tax (a 100% increase from the penny on ten dollar tax) to contribute to the vision of growing our parks and open spaces and trails in our great city and tell all your friends/family/neighbors to do same.  Many thanks for your support and consideration of this message.

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