2021 Ballot Issue 1

Issue 1 will be on Colorado Springs city ballot, April 2021.
The Trails and Open Space Coalition strongly supports Issue 1!

Issue 1 – Frequently Asked Questions

Colorado Springs voters will be asked the following question in the April municipal election: “Shall Section 7-90 (c) of the Charter of the City of Colorado Springs be amended to allow ballot titles for tax or bonded debt increases to exceed thirty (30) words?”

Colorado Springs passed tax reform laws before TABOR was passed statewide. When TABOR was developed and passed statewide, the word limit was not included. TABOR provides great guardrails for government, it can and should be improved as we learn better ways to increase government accountability.

The word “title” is somewhat misleading. A ballot title is actually the complete and only text a voter sees on his or her ballot.

City Government has checks and balances in place to ensure ballot text is clear, speaks to the issue, and is reasonably concise. In addition, most policy advocates understand that clean and concise ballot language is most effective. There’s a built-in incentive to keeping ballot language focused.

No, Colorado Springs is the only city in the state with a 30 word limit. Does Issue 1 weaken Tabor? No, voters will still vote on all tax and bond increases. By providing more transparency and clarity, Issue 1 will empower voters. Our right to vote on tax issues will remain a fundamental right. Does Issue 1 mean we will now be using the state Tabor ballot language? Yes, like every other city in Colorado.

Yes, City Council unanimously voted to support Issue 1. The Mayor also supports it.

  • Pikes Peak Chamber of Commerce
  • VisitCOS
  • Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance
  • Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association
  • Pikes Peak Association of Realtors
  • Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates
  • Rocky Mountain Field Insitute
  • Friends of Cheyenne Mountain State Park
  • Friends of Garden of the Gods
  • Pikes Peak Pickle Ball Association
  •  Pikes Peak Marathon, Inc.
The list of organizations supporting Issue 1 continues to grow!

Simply put, voters deserve to know what it is they are voting for.

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