News Wednesday Aug 12, 2020

Update on Electric Bikes in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs adopted the recent state regulations and allows Class 1 e-bikes (pedal assisted, no throttle, max. speed 20mph) on all tier 1 and tier 2 system trails. Concrete trails like the Pikes Peak Greenway, Shooks Run, Midland, Sinton, Cottonwood Creek etc all are open to pedal-assist e-bikes.
At this time, mountain e-bikes are NOT allowed on any of the city’s soft-surface tier 3 trails – unless someone is covered under the ADA. That means trails within Palmer Park, Red Rock, Ute Valley, Stratton, North Cheyenne Canon etc are not currently open to mountain e-bikes.
City parks initiated a process last year to allow the community to consider allowing e-mountain bikes in regional parks and open spaces. The pandemic temporarily halted the process.
TOSC surveyed members years ago and found members to be divided on the issue. When the process resumes, we will let you know.
Incline Is Open
TOSC was one of several organizations advocating for the reopening of the Incline. An agreement between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs allows users to access a free reservation system from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and reserve space one week in advance .
The number of reservations accepted will increase from 35 per half hour to 45 per half hour next week. If you aren’t able to reserve a spot, walk-ups are allowed to register if there are cancellations or no-shows. The free shuttle is scheduled to resume Aug 24th from Hiawatha Gardens.
Note: The Incline will be CLOSED for the Pikes Peak Marathon on Aug. 23, 2020.
Bells on Bikes
We believe in multi-use trails! Walkers, joggers, cyclists and equestrians all share our local trail system. With so many more people currently using trails we all need to be more mindful and considerate of each other.
Bike Bells can greatly improve safety. When approaching someone on foot or a slower cyclist, ringing a bike bell can pave the way for a smooth transition as you pass on their left. And walkers, be sure to thank the cyclist as they safely pass you.
Cyclists and pedestrians ought to be natural allies, but until we share a common language of traffic signals, we’ll be at odds. Especially on crowded trails.
Green Mountain Falls Trail Ambassador Program
Love Trails? Prefer to walk and talk rather than wield a trail tool?
Consider becoming a trail ambassador. TOSC is training volunteers for a new Green Mountain Falls Trail Ambassador program. Want more information?
And thanks!


Palmer-Mesa Trail – 2B funded renovation
You may have noticed one of our older trail sections is currently closed; the Palmer-Mesa Trail from the Foothills Trail underpass to the Mesa Road junction. This renovation and upgrade to this important trail connection is being funded by the voter-approved 2B ballot initiative and will create a much more modern and accessible section of trail providing access along the 30th Street corridor from the Foothills Trail and along the Palmer-Mesa Trail. Work will continue until the end of September and once open, the upgraded approximately 1,200 foot trail surface will be a 10 foot concrete base, providing a much smoother experience for all users.
For additional information on the full list of 2B projects, please visit the City website here.
Catamount Trail Closure Aug 4 – Sept 1
Access to Catamount Trail will be closed to hikers starting at Hondo Avenue. Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) needs to operate heavy equipment to perform routine maintenance on a water tank that serves Green Mountain Falls. Alternative access to the Catamount Trail may be available via Belvedere Avenue, which becomes very steep. It might be best to choose another route or trail during this maintenance work. CSU and the Town of Green Mountain Falls are working to minimize the impact on residents and guests; this project is estimated to take 4 weeks to complete. Find more info on our blog.


Don’t forget to share a photo of your visit to Palmer Park on Facebook or Instagram using #tosc2020challenge for a chance to win a prize from Mountain Mudworks! Extra points for anyone that collects trash on their outing. View Map of Palmer Park.

Congrats to Brooke and the Lou Family, July 20|20 Parks Challenge Winners!


Huge thanks to MER for being a sponsor. Now open at their new location: 2222 Bott Ave.

Members Only Bike Ride – The Pineries 
Fri. August 14, 8:00 – 11:00 AM
TOSC is excited to gather with a small group of members to explore the region’s newest open space – the Pineries. One of the best ways to experience this majestic 9 mile loop is with a bicycle! Join Allen Beauchamp for a easy and enjoyable ride on flowing single track. In accordance with current state health regulations, each group will be limited to 10 participants – plus the trail leader. Social distancing and masks will be required.
Please note this event is for TOSC Members only. Want to become a member? Join the Trails and Open Space Coalition by making a donation online. For questions about membership, please email
SAVE THE DATE for TOSC Member Trail Mixer 
Thursday August 27, 5:30 – 6:30pm

-Where does the Ring the Peak Trail Project stand?
-Update on County Parks Projects
-TOPS (Trails Open Spaces Parks) tax – It’s expiring soon! What’s the plan?
Invitation will be emailed directly to members.
Not a member yet?  Click here to join the Coalition.
Two Shoes Trek Challenge
Pikes Peak Road Runners (PPRR) and the Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC) are proud to present a new virtual running event. Be a part of Two Shoes Trek Challenge! This event showcases several county and city trails throughout our unique and beautiful city. All proceeds from this event will go directly back into the Colorado Springs community to support our parks and trails. This will help both organizations thrive through this challenging and uncertain period; as the impact of the pandemic has hit nonprofit organizations especially hard. Please join us for this fun community driven virtual event!
Urban Trail Challenge
Friday Sept 25 – Sunday Sept 27
Join TOSC for the most spectacular virtual biking event in Colorado Springs – The Urban Trail Challenge! All riders will receive an event bib and commemorative buff, so you can identify participants out on the trail. Cruise your favorite trail or explore one of the routes TOSC created to showcase local trail connections and parks across the region. Along the way, riders will have the option to complete different “selfie challenges” ranging from finding hidden landmarks, riding in costumes and visiting as many parks and trails as you can during the 3 day event! Are you up for the challenge?


Sand Creek Clean-up Project
Saturday Aug. 15, 12:00 pm
Gather at The Community in Astrozon Plaza (3750 Astrozon Blvd) then head down to the Sand Creek Trail to pick up trash. It’s time to do our part and clean the community where we live and commute. Join RISE Southeast and D&Js for this monthly cleanup! More info on Facebook.
The Pikes Peak Region’s Outdoor Recreation: At Risk or Resilient?
An honest conversation of today’s realities leading to solutions for the future
Thursday, August 20th 9:00-10:30 AM
The challenges facing the Pikes Peak region’s outdoor recreation and natural places have been magnified and become even more urgent with the pandemic. Although we have come together as a community in the past and made progress that has brought us to today, significant concerns face our future. PPORA has brought together a fantastic lineup of speakers who will give us a frank assessment of the region’s challenges, as well as some potential solutions and success stories from other communities.
The future of our majestic landscapes and recreational assets matter to all of us who call this region home – for our quality of life, economic vitality, and our health and wellbeing as so many have come to realize during this pandemic.
To learn more and register for the FREE event, go to
Creek Week
September 26 – October 4th
A safe, fun, and rewarding outdoor volunteer opportunity!
The Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District and its many community partners are looking forward to hosting the 7th Annual Creek Week Cleanup this year.
Due to COVID19, we are recommending small cleanups of fewer than 25 volunteers, when and where it is safe to do so. If volunteers choose to participate in this year’s cleanups, we are asking them to please wear proper personal protective equipment, including gloves and a mask, practice social distancing, and follow mandates provided by local and state health agencies at the time of their cleanup. Signups begin in September.
For more information, please visit…
RMFI Training in North Cheyenne Cañon Park
Sat Aug. 22 & Sun Aug. 23
This training is for the crew leaders, volunteers, and members of the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon. And we are opening up this opportunity to all active crew leaders! Throughout this training weekend, participants will learn about rockwork. Please contact, if you are interested in participating in this training and if you are able to attend both days.
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