Manitou Incline Update


To Incline or not to Incline, that is the question. As you drive into Manitou Springs you will notice a large, portable, electric sign declaring the Incline closed. At the base of the Incline there is a large highway barrier with a sign indicating the Incline is closed. Is it easy to get around this barrier and proceed up the steps? Yes. Should you do that? Well, that is a personal decision. Personally, whenever I hike the Incline, in the back of my mind I try to remember that I am a visitor, a guest in Manitou. I believe that most regular Incliners are just as respectful of those who live in and around the Incline. Most of the regulars I know visit the Incline, get their workout in and go home, having gone about their business in a relatively quiet and private manner. This is a time when people are acutely aware of their health and safety and those who live near the Incline are no exception. The free shuttle bus from downtown Manitou to the Incline area has been shut down, which makes sense because it was close quarters on busy Incline days. Whether you pose a risk to yourself or others by hiking the Incline is open to debate although it would seem that minimal social contact is the most prudent course at this point. In the end, most Incliners would just like to see similar respect accorded to them. Closing the Incline can be presented in two ways. It can be presented as an earnest request and firm suggestion from Manitou Springs or it can be delivered as a draconian dictate from those who consider Incline users a “nuisance.” For now, may I suggest to my fellow Incline-lovers that you take the high road and consider Manitou’s wishes, maybe dial back your usage or find other good places to get your reps in. Many of you have been great stewards and supporters of this resource and that inspires us to protect and improve the Incline experience. 


Bill Beagle

President, Incline Friends

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