Update 3/24/20 – The Northgate trailhead that serves users of the New Santa Fe Trail will remain open. It had been closed for anticipated construction. The project developer has told  USAFA there will be no movement on the construction for at least 6 months. Santa Fe Trail is open to the public.


On March 16, 2020, the Santa Fe Trail trailhead and the North Gate parking lot, just before the Air Force Academy North Gate entrance, will permanently close to allow construction of the new Academy Visitors Center.

The intention is that only the trailhead entry access point and parking lot will close.  But the trail sits outside of the “enhance use” area where construction will take place, so should be usable as always throughout all of the construction.  The trail can be accessed at the Edmondson Trail Head located immediately off Woodmen Road just west of I-25, the Santa Fe Trailhead-Baptist just west of I-25 on Baptist Road, or at the western end of Park Drive on the Academy.

When the construction concludes, the access point at the north gate will be restored (though slightly modified to accommodate the new buildings) December 2023. 

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