Business-Friendly Ballot Guide from CS Chamber & EDC

Ballot Recommendations

We’re supporting two local measures to help strengthen our community and economy this year. As you complete your ballots, consider the following:

Ballot measure 2B

2B asks voters to let the city keep $7 million in excess revenue it has collected, and invest those funds in a specific list of parks and trails improvements.
We support a “yes” vote because our exceptional outdoor spaces contribute to the community’s quality of life and help us attract a great workforce.


Ballot measure 2C

2C asks voters to renew a sales tax that is devoted to road improvements in Colorado Springs. The tax would be reduced from 0.62% to 0.5 and would last for five years. All funds go to road paving and reconstruction.
We support a “yes” vote because reliable, safe transportation infrastructure is critical to our businesses and their ability to move goods and people.

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