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Month: October 2019

News October 30, 2019

News October 30, 2019 Starting Friday, Nov 1st! Do you appreciate all the wonderful outdoor spaces in our community? The Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC)

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Chutes Trail Closure

Update 10/23/2019 – The Chutes Trails remains closed. City Parks plan to make an announcement in the next day or two on when it will

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News October 16, 2019

News October 16, 2019 2B or not 2B For the past 10 weeks we have highlighted the specific projects that could result from the TABOR refund ballot initiative,

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News October 9, 2019

News October 9, 2019 YES on 2B – TABOR Retention Projects #10 Community Park Master Plan- Norman “Bulldog” Coleman Park Right now, there are no community parks

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News October 2, 2019

News October 2, 2019 YES on 2B – TABOR Retention Projects #9 Cemetery Parking Lots – Evergreen and Fairview Cemeteries and Golf Courses fall under the

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