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Month: September 2019

News September 25, 2019

News September 25, 2019 YES on 2B – TABOR Retention Projects #8 Trail Improvements – Homestead, Legacy Loop, Mesa and Sand Creek Trails are an important

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Cimarron Trail Closure

Public Works is widen the sidewalk on the north side of the Cimarron bridge over the railroad tracks, just east of I-25. This has required

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News September 18, 2019

  News September 18, 2019 YES on 2B – TABOR Retention Projects To learn more visit #7 Panorama Park – Master Plan Implementation One of the

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News September 11, 2019

News September 11, 2019 TABOR Retention Projects #6 Boulder and Thorndale Park- Sport Court Replacement The city has 42 tennis and basketball courts that need to be replaced.

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News September 3, 2019

News September 3, 2019 TABOR Retention Proposal Projects Project #5 Leon Young Sports Complex – Parking Lot Okay, replacing parking lots is not exciting or sexy. But

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