Ute Valley Park Downhill Mountain Bike Trails

Ute Valley Park Downhill Mountain Bike Trails

Ute Valley Park Map 2020

Ute Valley Park Downhill Mountain Bike Trails are OPEN! Located on

the east side of the park, use the S Rockrimmon trailhead to access these new epic trails for skilled riders. The two downhill trails will be rated black — difficult based on trail width, grades, types of obstacles, including a 150-foot vertical drop. These trails were created per the Ute Valley Park Master Plan and fulfill of an element within the Colorado Springs Master Plan to construct the first purpose-built downhill mountain bike course in an open space within the city’s parks system. In addition to the downhill trails on the course, there is a climbing trail to return to the top of the course. This trail is open to two-way hiking, equestrian use, but uphill-only bike use. Maintenance efforts will be completed by Parks staff as well as through the volunteer efforts directed by the Friends of Ute Valley Park and the Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates.

New downhill mountain bike trails coming to Ute Valley Park


  1. robert 5 months ago

    A map of the trails would be a useful thing.

  2. Steve 4 months ago

    Right we rode all over and couldn’t find where the hell this trail was.

  3. Mark Hoffman 4 days ago

    Great to have a map now! Can you make the map “downloadable” so I can print and carry it on the trail?

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