Legacy Loop Update

Legacy Loop Update

The Legacy Loop is a half mile closer to being completed.

A stretch of trail adjacent and north of the Legacy Loop plaza was recently paved to the delight of cyclists and runners. Some fencing will be added over the next few weeks to improve safety. At that time the trail will officially open.  The next Legacy Loop project will connect Van Buren to Shooks Run and run beneath Cascade and Nevada.  Engineering on that stretch is 95% complete. Construction will begin in 2020. An additional project will extend a box culvert at Mesa Creek.

When completed, the Legacy Loop will provide a 10-mile loop around the city. The final gap is on the southeast side of the loop and requires connecting the Shooks Run Trail to the Pikes Peak Greenway.



  1. Connie 6 months ago

    Rode the new section of trail a couple days ago. VERY nice!

  2. robert 5 months ago

    Pavement is hard on ankles and feet. Please quit paving everything and bragging about causing foot damage. If you have to pave something anyway to satisfy some personal kink, reduce the width, save money and leave most of the ground exposed for the rest of us.

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