Cottonwood Creek Trail Connectivity

The Academy Bridge Rehabilitation Project is almost complete. The aging, substandard bridge on North Academy Boulevard has been replaced, bringing the structure up to modern safety standards, while also producing an important new addition to the Cottonwood Creek Trail. This long-awaited project will create an incredible new trail connection between the area south of Briargate and Southeast Colorado Springs. On May 1st, the Cottonwood Creek Trail will finally link up to the Pikes Peak Greenway; offering a huge expansion to trail-users. This area will go from having 5 miles of paved trail to more than 20! It will be possible for people to commute from Woodmen Rd all the way to America the Beautiful Park (and beyond) on an interconnected trail system.
The City will be holding a dedication ceremony for the Cottonwood Creek Trail/Academy Bridge on Wednesday, May 1, at 1:00 pm at Kumar & Associates: 6735 Kumar Hts. Bike Colorado Springs, a program of the Trails and Open Space Coalition, is planning a pre-event bike ride from the Vincent Drive Trailhead – 6740 Vincent Dr – to the ceremony site. Visit Facebook for more details about the celebration.
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