Sinton Trail Detour

Sinton Trail Detour

CDOT  will soon begin working on the South Douglas Creek box culvert which passes under I-25. The Sinton Trail leading into and out of the box culvert under I-25 will be closed from soon through approximately September 10th. We’ve been given a closure date of April 14, but it could be as late as May 1. If the trail is open you may use it, but use caution.

For more information you can call the project information line at 719-301-7279, email the team at, or visit the project website at

The Sinton Trail is a neighborhood trail that runs northwest nearly 3 miles (one way) from Mark Dabling Blvd, near Sinton Pond, to the intersection of West Garden of the Gods Road and Arrowswest Drive.

The Google maps + code is V5M8+7W Colorado Springs, Colorado –paste this code into a Google Chrome browser and search; it will show you the approximate point of the closure on the east side. The detour heading west goes off to the right, past Sinton Pond. Heading west the user will cross Sinton Road from the open space and follow the sidewalk along Ellston to go under I-25.  The user will keep going west till they hit Chestnut , where they will cross Chestnut and continue to stay on the Sinton Trail. Please watch for heavy equipment and workers!



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