Stormwater Project Near Dublin and Rangewood

Stormwater Project Near Dublin and Rangewood

Stormwater Project Near Dublin and Rangewood

Thanks to voter support of Ballot Issue 2A, the City continues to invest in stormwater projects that will positively impact neighborhoods around Colorado Springs.

Several large stormwater projects are slated for construction this winter and one of them is in your area. The Rangewood Tributary Detention Pond will be near Rangewood Drive and Dublin Blvd. Construction of this project started February, 2019.

This project is going to be constructing an outlet structure that will create a detention pond effect in the area. The outlet structure will allow low flows to pass through the culverts under Dublin Blvd, but will provide water detention during large storm events using the natural gradation of the area. There will be some grading work involved, extension and lining of the large culverts that run under Dublin Blvd, re-vegetation, and other misc. improvements.

The benefits of the project are to capture large storm runoff in the existing gradation and protect properties from flooding in the area. It provides the downstream system with some relief during large storm events and helps protect our downstream channels.

A section of the Homestead Trail behind the Norwood Apartments is closed, between Dublin and and Austin Bluffs Pkwy.


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