To honor the trees that sheltered us for more than 100 years, to dream generously for generations 100 years from now, and to preserve Palmer’s vision of a Garden City: the North End Woodlands mission is to replant the trees of the historic medians in the Old North End and create a sustainability fund for their future.

The North End Woodlands is a task force of the Old North End Neighborhood. They have planted 105 trees on four historic medians in eighteen months. This year they are fundraising to plant another 70 trees in May and October. The Colorado Springs Forestry Division and North End Woodlands both recognize that the plantings on these medians are an investment, not just in the neighborhood, but in Colorado Springs’ future that will continue to pay aesthetic, environmental, and economic dividends long after those who planted them are gone.
Help support the health and beauty of our city, donate to North End Woodlands.

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