The Trails and Open Space Coalition has been advocating for a reduced water rate for parks for many years. We are very happy to report that the CSU Board and City Council voted 6-3 recently to provide a million dollars in water in 2019 and twice that in 2020. The average residential water bill will go up $.34/month the first year and $.68/month the second year.
Why is this so important?

  • Our city parks department is woefully underfunded. Utilities (mainly water) eats up almost half the maintenance budget. There hasn’t been enough general fund support to water park trees and turf at necessary levels.
  • Most city owned utilities along the front-range offer discounted (or at least cheaper) water to the parks departments. Some like Manitou Springs, Pueblo and Greeley provide water to parks free of charge.
  • Healthy trees and parks matter! The Economic Benefits of Parks Study (released last year) called out increased property values as one of the benefits of living near a park or trail. Healthy trees in our medians and parks provide cooling shade in the summer time.

Parks and trees contribute to the beauty of our community and our quality of life. We are grateful to have the support of the majority of City Council, the Mayor’s office and CSU leadership for this initiative.

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