Colorado Springs allows Class 1 ebikes to operate on Urban Trails. These trails are typically described as local commuting and recreational trails which traverse neighborhoods and connect to the core of the City of Colorado Springs. At this time ebikes are not to be operated on what is commonly known as multi-use trails. These trails are always soft surfaces and are part of large Regional Park or Open Space property infrastructure.
Class 1 ebikes are permitted on the following trails:
Cottonwood Creek Trail • Homestead Trail • Midland Trail • Pikes Peak Greenway • Rock Island Trail • Sand Creek Trail • Shooks Run Trail • Sinton Trail• Stetson Trail • Templeton Gap Trail • Woodmen Trail • Foothills Trail • Skyline Trail • Rockrimmon Trail • Mesa Valley Trail • Bear Creek Regional Trail • New Santa Fe Trail • Fountain Creek Regional Trail


Can I ride my Class 1 ebike on soft surface trails in Monument Valley Park?
Yes, the parks department is allowing ebikes on trails in MVP because it is part of the Pikes Peak Greenway.
Are ebikes allowed in Red Rock Canyon Open Space?
No, at this time ebikes are not allowed on soft surface trails in any of Colorado Springs’ open spaces or large parks (Palmer, Ute Valley).
Are ebikes allowed on trails in Pikes National Forest?
No, the Forest Service considers them motorized vehicles and does not allow them on non-motorized trails.
Are ebikes allowed on El Paso County trails?
Yes, Class 1 and Class 2 ebikes are allowed on Tier 1 and Tier II Primary Regional Trails. The Bear Creek Trail that traverses east-west through Bear Creek Park is a Tier I trail.

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