Great news! The TOPS Working Committee approved the use of TOPS Trails dollars for a trail easement that will allow the completion of the Dixon Trail to the top of Cheyenne Mountain.
Dixon Trail is located in Cheyenne Mountain State Park. The land was purchased with TOPS (and GOCO) dollars and opened in 2006. The Dixon Trail will take hikers to the top of Cheyenne Mountain on a 6-mile trail, where they can than link to a 3-mile loop on top (already constructed).
The final quarter-mile segment required a trail easement.  TOPS approved spending $8000+, half of the amount needed to secure the 7-acre easement. The Friends of Cheyenne Mountain State Park will provide $8000 to pay the other half. Parks Advisory Board has also approved the expense. If all goes well, the trail could be completed by this fall!
The trail will be multi-use (hikers, equestrians, and cyclists) until just past the new construction, where it becomes hiking only, due to the rough terrain.

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