High Chaparral is the most prominent ridge line on the east side of Colorado Springs providing exceptional views.  Residents were recently concerned about some people driving over the trails and dirt to park illegally on the ridge.  They contacted TOSC, who acted as an intermediary with the City Parks Department to provide a solution.  The Parks Department swiftly took action by placing boulders to prevent car access from the parking lot across the trail.
Not to be deterred, these perpetrators then drove down the sidewalk to access the ridge, putting pedestrians in danger of being hit.  The Parks Department then placed a large boulder in the middle of the sidewalk.
The Parks Department deserves a HUGE thank you for quick action in keeping High Chaparral safe!

Driving over the trail? What are they thinking?

Hikers were worried about being run over.

Parks placed boulders to keep cars off the trail.

Parks had to come back and place additional boulders. Thanks, Parks!

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