Thanks to all of our members and partners who voted yes for 2A and 1A!
2A, the City’s Stormwater initiative, will protect and improve our trail system, and provide additional public support for parks maintenance and projects.
1A, the El Paso County TABOR refund, will provide 2.5 million dollars for flood-damaged trails and underfunded parks projects. And because it adjusts the TABOR cap, it will mean additional dollars for future parks capital projects.
Once again you showed community leaders what matters to you!
The Trails and Open Space Coalition was an early supporter of the Stormwater initiative. During the campaign we reached out to members, Friends groups and partners – asking them to vote yes on 2A.   The result: 2A won by 53%! This will lead to more miles of trails, improved connectivity and the better stormwater infrastructure will protect existing trails. Finally, it frees up general fund dollars for desperately needed trail and parks maintenance. A Win-Win!
1A will support trail projects along the Fountain Creek Regional Trail that have been halted for lack of funding.
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