Work continues within the Bear Creek watershed.  A Forest Service crew will focus primarily on the new section of Captain Jacks that was built on the north side of Kineo this spring.  They will work to refine drainage and improve the long term sustainability of the trail.  They will also narrow up the newly built west end that runs predominately north/south.  Heavy equipment will be utilized and delays of up to 20 minutes should be expected to allow the equipment to make the site passable and move to a location safe for users to pass.  Equipment will be working on the trail for the next two weeks.
RMFI begins decommissioning and restoring the old trail parallel to the creek in September.  They will be working in the watershed for the next 9 weeks.  The old trail has been officially closed and there should no longer be any users on it.  Traveling off trail within the watershed is prohibited.  Help us spread the word that the new trail is open and the success of this project hinges on all users respecting the closure.
Below is the latest article on the project from the Gazette.

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