Our annual per capita support for El Paso Parks is $2.13, which is about $5 lower than what other Front Range counties spend on Regional Parks  Please encourage the El Paso County Commissioner to increase the support for parks, either from a general fund or a future TABOR refund.  Our county parks and trails deserve better!
Future Projects:

  1. El Paso County owns the property at Elephant Rock Open Space. Mapping is underway and a public process to plan future trails will begin over the winter.
  2. Black Forest Regional Park. A new trails plan addresses past fire and flood damage and will provide a better user experience. It includes 3.4 miles of tier 3 trails (6-8 feet wide) and 5.2 miles of tier 4 trails (24” wide/single-track.) These will be loop trails. EPC needs $187,000 to complete the project but has 1A funding to begin work this fall.
  3. Fountain Creek Regional Trail (connects to Pikes Peak Greenway and is part of the Front Range Trail). Portions of the trail were damaged during the 2015 floods. Parks staff say repairs should be completed by mid-January, 2018.
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