On May 16, Liz and Randy Price, owners of the Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group, presented the Trails and Open Space Coalition with a check for $10,798, which represented one year of putting aside $1 per daily special at their five restaurants: Sonterra Grill, two Over Easy and two Salsa Brava locations.
Over the year, the five restaurants competed with each other to sell the most specials. Each location created a thermometer to keep track of their progress. The restaurants put a short explanation of the partnership on all their tables. Guests learned about the Trails and Open Space Coalition and what we do in our community to make it better.
We’re grateful to Liz and Randy Price for their leadership and generosity, to all the staff at the restaurants for their work and support, and to the guests who gave to the Trails and Open Space Coalition through their purchases, one dollar at a time. Thank you!

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