UPDATED: Shooks Run Trail now OPEN

UPDATE MARCH 1: City Parks says the concrete work is complete and the trail will be open today! Crews have to remove the blankets covering the newest sections, so we don’t know the exact time, but it should be open sometime today.
UPDATE Feb 23: Maybe open March 1! Went for a ride on the Shooks Run Trail yesterday (Wed Feb 22) and they’re making great progress on the trail behind the Bon Center. Spoke with the crew boss and he said, barring weather delays, they should be done by next Wednesday, March 1 or so. They don’t get paid more for doing it faster or slower, but it costs them more to do it slower, so they want to get it done as soon as they can. So if it’s not done by March 1, let’s not get excited; it’s coming very soon.
Here’s our source, and look behind him for the sweet bit of new trail with a gravel running path on the side:

UPDATE Feb 8: City Parks says paving will take about three weeks, finishing up in late February or early March. These dates are weather dependent.
Paving began January 17th on the Shooks Run Trail behind the Bon Shopping Center near Wahsatch and Jackson. The Parks Department estimates that the work will take about 60 days, depending on the weather. If all goes well, re-opening should be in March.
The Shooks Run Trail re-paving is part of the renovation of trails paid for by 2D, the “Yes for Trails” initiative passed in 2015. More information about those projects is at the City’s website: https://coloradosprings.gov/2D

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