Homestead Trail at South Carefree Closed

Homestead Trail is closed at S Carefree north. The section on the south side of South Carefree is complete and the trail has been re-opened.
Thanks to 2D funding, City crews are working on the Homestead Trail between S. Carefree and N. Carefree. Repairs will go as close to N Carefree as possible, given the project budget. Work includes a 5-foot sidewalk connection to the playground in Homestead Park and to the neighborhood.
South of S Carefree, Parks Staff are working with the Streets Sidewalk Division and pooling resources to extend the connections, regrade to closer meet ADA standards and replace asphalt with concrete. There will be a new connection to the small section of sidewalk that is currently missing on the south side of S Carefree. This way, both trail and sidewalk can work together to make a safer trail location for everyone. Thanks to these City Departments for working together to create a real benefit for the community!
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