Road Closure Map2016

City Parks has let us know about a culvert replacement project in North Cheyenne Cañon Park in the coming weeks. The goal of the project is to replace and improve the existing outdated culvert system along North Cheyenne Cañon Road ahead of the roadway paving project, that is included in the 2C voter approved projects.  The project will have impacts to public access to the park for several weeks, including phased road closures to allow for the contractors to replace the culverts. The phased approach will help to ensure the public will still have an opportunity to access different parts of the Cañon throughout the project.

See a map of the closures here: Road Closure Map 2016

Phased closure:  The roadway will be closed in 3 separate segments (phased rolling closures):

  • Phase A- uphill of the Canyonwood Subdivision Driveway to Gold camp Road, Including all of Gold camp Road from the Parking lot East to the start of the Asphalt (total of 3 culverts),
  • Phase B- from the Starsmore Center to Mt Cutler/Mt Muscoco Trailhead (total of 12 culverts), and
  • Phase C- From the Mt Cutler/Mt Muscoco Trailhead to the Canyonwood Subdivision Driveway (total of 18 culverts)

Recreational Access: There will be no trail closures effected. Vehicular access may be limited to the trailheads at times, though the phased closures will still allow from the public to access as much as possible. Helen Hunt falls and the Silver Cascade Trail as well as the gravel parking lot at the west end of the park may have restricted access for a few days during the Phase C closure.
Paving of Cañon Road: Public works will be repaving the asphalt road from the intersection of North Cheyenne Cañon Road/South Cheyenne Cañon road (Starsmore Center) to the end of asphalt at the larger gravel parking lot at North Cheyenne Cañon Rd/Gold Camp Rd. This work is tentatively scheduled for May, with the goal of finishing before Memorial Day weekend.

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