Update February 17, 2016–The Trails and Open Space Coalition has not taken a position on the Broadmoor Land Exchange. The process is still unfolding, and we continue to get more information with time. However, we are talking to policy makers and parks officials to advocate for a more inclusive public process, listening to and talking with all citizens, adding more public meetings to the schedule, and being more deliberate in the decision making process. This is too important to rush through. We want to get it right.
Update February 11–Statements from the Broadmoor rep during the Parks Advisory Board meeting: Strawberry Hills would not be fenced. Any trails created would allow public access. Deed restrictions would guarantee preservation.
The Broadmoor and the City began talking about an exchange after the Broadmoor was approached by a recreation development company to buy their Incline and Barr Trail properties.

Please plan to attend a public open house to get information about the proposed land exchange, Wednesday February 24th, 2016 from 6 to 8 pm at the Gold Camp Elementary School, 1805 Preserve Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.
For additional information, to view a map of the proposed land exchange, and to comment on the proposal please visit: www.ColoradoSprings.gov/ProposedLandExchange

Colorado Springs Parks Dept. is considering a land exchange with the Broadmoor. Colorado Springs would give up 190 acres of land it owns in exchange for 371 acres of land owned by the Broadmoor. See below for more details on the other pieces of this complicated land exchange.
The Trails and Open Space Coalition is studying the proposal. We have solicited comments and questions from the public and from our members, and are compiling a list of questions and concerns to take to the Parks Department. We will be advocating for a thoughtful, comprehensive public process that includes citizens and stakeholders, to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be heard, and that all aspects of the proposal are considered.
Here are answers to some questions that we have received from the Parks Department very recently:

Will there be any residential on the transfer parcel to the Broadmoor. The answer is NO. We have decided to maintain the PK Zoning for the transfer parcel which will allow only park uses and any development plan will go through our Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Advisory Board for approvals.
What trails would the Broadmoor use? The may create new trails within the transfer property. No equestrian use by the Broadmoor will be on the Chamberlain Trail. The Chamberlain Trail and the South Canon Trail both remain open to the public through permanent easements.
Can we get a first right of refusal? The answer is YES. We will have  a first right of refusal if at some point in the future there is an interest to sell off the transfer parcel.
Could we obtain an easement for the spur trail that the Marathon uses off the Barr Trail? The answer is YES and we will add this additional easement to the proposal.
Can we get a conservation easement on the new Bear Creek parcels? The City will go through the process to re-zone the property to PK(Park) Zone which will only allow for park uses.
Would the Broadmoor consider pulling the agreement with El Paso County for the Equestrian use already approved in Bear Creek Nature Park. The answer is YES they are willing to work with El Paso County on whatever process this requires.
Time Frames: This is still premature as we continue to work through the process if this is accepted and approved then the earliest time period would be 2017.

  • Colorado Springs will receive the Cog’s (Broadmoor) portion of Barr Trail, Manitou Incline and property for a future North Access Trail to the Incline. Total Acres= 154.6 acres. In exchange, the  Cog receives .55 acres it now leases for Cog employee parking.
  • Colorado Springs receives 8.6 acres adjacent Bear Creek Regional Park that was to be turned into a Broadmoor Horse Stable operation. (The plan is to work out a maintenance agreement with El Paso County Parks).
  • Colorado Springs acquires several Chamberlain Trail Public Easements through Broadmoor owned property.
  • Colorado Springs receives 208 acres adjacent to US Forest land, including the Mount Muscoco Overlook, along the southwest boundary of North Cheyenne Cañon Park, all of which will become part of North Cheyenne Cañon Park. In exchange, the Broadmoor receives 189.5 acres of current park land located east of Seven Falls .

The most controversial  part of the exchange is giving up 189.5 acres of North Cheyenne Cañon Park for 208 acres of Broadmoor property that would be added to the park. The Broadmoor wants the southeast corner of the park (known as Strawberry Hills). The parcel touches Broadmoor property and abuts Seven Falls (which the Broadmoor now owns). Cheyenne Cañon would receive additional park land on its southwest corner, south of Mt Muscoco and Helen Hunt Falls, including Daniels Pass Trail to Gold Camp Road.
See the map: Land Exchange overview map.

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