For 2D – the trails initiative, we needed your “ayes”, during the holidays when many of you will be out hiking/cycling with friends and family, we need your “eyes.”
Using or “reopening” a closed rogue trail is bad for the park/open space and disrespectful to Friends groups and Parks Staff. Friends of Blodgett Open Space report a rogue trail leading out of the parking lot  has been “closed” four times this fall. Each time someone has removed all the restoration material, ignoring the “restoration sign” and re-opened the trail.
Please, if you see someone doing this in any of our public spaces, gently encourage them to stay off closed trails or let parks staff know. It’s very discouraging for our hard-working Friends Groups and damages the resource.
With so few Park Rangers and maintenance staff, it’s up to users to be the department’s eyes and ears.
Also, if you see volunteers out working, be sure to thank them. They save taxpayers thousands of dollars each year. Tis the season to be grateful for what we have. Friends groups are a gift to us all.

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