Ballot measure 2D passed with 71% of the vote! Thank you to the citizens of Colorado Springs for recognizing the importance of trails, and for showing decision-makers in an impressive way that you care about our trails.
We are happy to report that plans are already being made for the trail projects that will be funded with the money retained under the measure.
The first three trails to be improved will be Shooks Run, Skyline and Sand Creek. The City will move forward immediately with the these projects that are most “shovel ready” and seek will competitive bids from private sector contractors within the next 30-45 days. Those repairs will begin as soon as the weather warms up next spring. Next will be Rock Island sometime next summer. Homestead and Palmer-Mesa will begin shortly thereafter and finally Sinton and Pikes Peak Greenway will be completed by the end of next fall.
More information about the timing of the projects is available on the City’s website.
We’ll be checking on the projects as we go along and reporting back to the public about progress. Stay tuned!

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