2D Passes–voters say, “Trails matter!”

2D Passes–voters say, “Trails matter!”

2D, the TABOR retention measure for trails, passed with 71% of the vote. That means $2.1 million will be used to repair segments of eight critical trails, a total of 11 miles of trail. For a list of the trails and projects, see http://yesfortrails.com.
The Trails and Open Space Coalition was honored to lead the effort to educate voters about the benefits of passing 2D. As your Trail Advocacy Voice, count on us to track the projects and bring you updates as these eight system trails are improved.  All users deserve safer trails with better signage.
Thanks for voting yes for Trails, Yes for 2D!

Manitou Springs Extends TOPS funding

In related news, Manitou Springs voters extended their Trails and Open Space (TOPS) funding.
The passage of ballot issues 2F and 2G means that Manitou Springs will continue to provide matching funds for open space, trails and parks grants.


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