The official public meeting to discuss the continued closure of the Santa Fe Trail through the Air Force Academy drew close to 100. Concerned trail users wanted to know what it would take to reopen the trail and when that will happen. Air Force Academy, Board of County Commissioners and El Paso County Parks were all represented.  A list of proposed steps were shared with attendees including:

  • Creating a Trails Watch Group to supplement security patrols to report unusual activity
  • Installing additional trail signage including contact information
  • Installing security cameras along the trail
  • Expanding security patrols on the trail
  • Completing trail repairs to ensure safe use of the trail.

No opening date was given to the group.  AFA has signed a 25 year lease agreement with El Paso County.
39 spots along 2.4 miles of trail are damaged as a result of flooding rain in May. Repair costs =$480,000. EPC is hoping federal funds pay for 75% of the repairs. Permanent repairs will begin in 2016. County officials indicated the trail could be reopened while repairs are made once AFA makes that decision. Thanks to El Paso County and the Air Force Academy for hosting the meeting.
TOSC will keep you informed on this issue. If you want to contact the AFA and let them know  you are willing to be part of the solution AND how important the Santa Fe Trail is to you (recreation or transportation),
You can call the Public Affairs Office at 719-333-2025, or email at .

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