Trail, Park, Open Space Closures and Damage 2015

Trail, Park, Open Space Closures and Damage 2015

Update Sept 4 to include opening of Foothills Trail, and closures around I-25/Cimarron Interchange Project.

Update July 7 to reflect opening of Red Rock Canyon Open Space and closure of Section 16 trailhead. Update June 17th to reflect the talks between El Paso County and the Air Force Academy about the New Santa Fe Trail, and the closure of the South Slope. Updated June 16 to reflect open trail in Bear Creek Park.Updated June 8 to include closure in Bear Creek Park. Updated June 2 to include opening of rock climbing and status of Garden of the Gods. Updated May 29 to the opening of Section 16. Updated May 27 to include Section 16 closure and City Council emergency funds. Updated May 22 to include Clear Springs Ranch and more specific Fountain Creek Regional Trail closures. Updated May 20 to include Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Updated May 14 to include 8th St tunnel, Barr Trail damage, and Red Rock Canyon. Update May 13 to include Dakota Ridge Trail closure. Update May 13 to include 8th St closure, and Greenway opening between Polk and Tremont.

Closures unrelated to flooding

Midland Trail, the Pikes Peak Greenway, and the Bear Creek Trail are all currently closed near the I-25/Cimarron interchange. the Greenway will be open on both sides of Fountain Creek for Labor Day weekend, but will be subject to intermittent closures throughout the construction period (until 2017). Please see separate article here about the closures and detours.

The New Santa Fe Trail remains closed at the Air Force Academy due to heightened security measures on military bases. Only people with a Department of Defense ID are allowed on base until further notice.

UPDATE Sept 4: Some of the issues between El Paso County Parks and the Air Force Academy about the Santa Fe Trail have been resolved. Some are still in progress. We are hoping for an announcement of an opening date in the next weeks.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is OPEN.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space was re-opened July 3, in time for the holiday weekend. The City put a lot of effort into fixing the biggest hazards and making the area safe for visitors, but there is still a LOT to be done to restore the trails and the property. Look on our volunteer calendar for work days in Red Rock Canyon Open Space in July and August.

There was a breach of an old earthen dam at the small pond in Sand Canyon, which washed out into the roundabout, scattering mud, rocks and trees on the roadway.  This is a small pond in the westernmost canyon, NOT one of the larger ponds near the pavilion. There is new “pond” at the intersection of Red Rock Trail and Roundup Trail, 20 feet deep. The upper and lower ponds are now one.

Section 16 is OPEN. See above regarding trailhead closure.

Section 16 trailhead was closed. As of May 29, Section 16 is open, including the Intemann Trail and the Red Rock-Palmer Loop trail. Connector trails leading into Red Rock Canyon are still closed.


Major Damage to the Greenway/New Santa Fe Trail.

Our urban greenway, the Pikes Peak Greenway and the New Santa Fe Trail has sustained hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. It is closed in several places. See below for specific trail closures.

The following closures are in effect:

  • Foothills Trail between Glen Eyrie and Garden of the Gods Visitor Center–collapsed section has been replaced with an asphalt trail and is now open. (as of Sept 2015).
  • Bear Creek Regional Trail–The Creekside branch that runs by Penrose Equestrian Center. A tree fell on the trail June 8. Trail was re-opened June 9.
  • Pikes Peak Greenway between Janitell Road and El Pomar Sports Complex–extensive damage, mainly near Janitell Bridge and Circle.
  • Dakota Ridge Trail in the Garden of the Gods- the portion that crosses Camp Creek is submerged.
  • Pikes Peak Greenway between Tremont and Polk–section re-opened May 13.
  • Midland Trail between 25th St and Vermijo Park–section re-opened. This section of trail has been closed several times due to flash flood danger at low water crossings. Watch for warning signs and avoid this area during or after heavy rain.
  • 8th Street tunnel at Wal-mart–OPEN May 14. Closed August 2015 for construction (see above closures not due to flooding).

Fountain Creek Regional Trail Closures

  • Fishers Canyon trail section (near Maxwell Street trailhead).
  • Trail section through the Stratmoor Valley Trailhead.
  • Trail sections near Willow Springs Ponds and Highway 16 underpass.
  • South end of Fountain Creek Regional Park (Hanson Trailhead area). The bridge across Fountain Creek near the trailhead is also closed.

Clear Springs Ranch

  • Trail closed at low water crossing approximately 1/4 mile north of the trailhead.

Ute Pass Regional Trail

  • Closed from Crystola Canyon Road south to Green Mountain Falls Road.

Areas damaged but not closed:

Barr Trail is NOT closed, but we have reports of significant damage above No Name Creek, where a side drainage has eroded away the trail all the way down to where the trail crosses the creek. There is also still a lot of snow on Barr Trail, so be careful if you plan to hike there!

Please respect closures and find alternate routes!

There is a lot of mud and debris on trails. Be alert for hazards and stay off closed trails. Cleanup crews will be working to clear and repair trails for the next couple of weeks, sometimes with machinery or heavy equipment.

Avoid these areas and let crews get the job done!


Emergency Funds...

Thanks to City Council for approving $1M in emergency funding for Parks damaged in the flood! (They also approved $4M in other emergency infrastructure funds).


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