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The Trails and Open Space Coalition Board of Directors adopted this motion on October 10, 2014 as their official position on Jones Park:
The Trails and Open Space Board of Directors and Staff want to thank City Council for their efforts to find the most suitable long-term owner for the Jones Park Property.  Like many of you, TOSC has heard from countless community members about the value of this unique property.  It has value for its watershed benefits, it has value for its habitat, and it has value for the public recreation access and connectivity.  The fact that Jones Park has been a part of our City’s Open Space inventory for over 100 years also adds to its value.
As the City looks to relinquish ownership of this property we would ask that you consider the full value of Jones Park and work to find a public entity who will help protect the property, the recreation, the watershed and the habitat for generations to come.  With this in mind TOSC respectfully requests that along with any ownership transfer you include certain restrictions:
1.     At the time of transfer the acquiring public entity place a Conservation Easement on Jones Park committing to protect Jones Park in perpetuity and ensure public access in perpetuity.
2.     The Conservation easement shall fully reflect the planned implementation of the NEPA final decision including habitat protection for the threatened Greenback Cutthroat trout, public access and trail restrictions, and maintenance and monitoring in perpetuity.
TOSC is committed to assisting the City throughout this process to ensure that the community remains engaged in the NEPA process, particularly as the discussion relates to trail design and use.  Above all, TOSC is committed to ensuring Jones Park remain open to the public and therefore in public ownership.

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