Update 3:30 pm, 29 August 2014
Gold Camp Road between Helen Hunt Falls to North Cheyenne Canon Park is now open. The portion of the road was closed Wednesday for repairs following heavy rains Tuesday, August 26. City Parks and City Streets crews quickly responded to repair washed out portions of the road in order to reopen it for Labor Day Weekend.
Update as of Noon on Friday 8/29:
Gold Camp Rd is still closed until further notice.
Lower, mid, and upper Columbine, and Mt. Cutler are open. Seven Bridges & St. Mary’s Falls are open, HOWEVER the parking lot on Gold Camp is STILL CLOSED. Please park at the upper Columbine trail head or the Helen Hunt Falls parking lot, so as not to block access for work trucks.
Silver Cascade trail is still closed until further notice.

Thanks to Friends of Cheyenne Cañon for keeping us informed.
Severe flooding earlier this week prompted the closure of roads and trails in North Cheyenne Cañon. Here’s the latest information from Friends of Cheyenne Cañon:
– Gold Camp Road is closed in its entirety in the Park (Pt Sublime to N. Cheyenne Canon Rd)
– N. Cheyenne Canon Rd is open, Mt Cutler, Lower and Mid Columbine trails are open and accessible.
– Helen Hunt Falls is open, but the Silver Cascade Trail is closed.
– The gate that used to be at Gold Camp Road and High Drive (by the gravel pit parking area) has been moved about a half block, so St Marys Falls, Seven Bridges, and the section of Gold Camp Road where cars are not permitted are closed because the parking lot is not accessible.
It is not yet known when those areas will open. Gold Camp Road is under the jurisdiction of the Forest Service, so that information will come from them. 

We will keep updating this post as we get more information.
Helen Hunt flood

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