UPDATE 27 Aug 2014: Work is moving along on the Incline project. Please remember to stay off until it is officially opened! Fines for violations are $100. In addition, the presence of trespassers in work zones can mean work stoppages for safety reasons, causing delays in completing the project and getting the Incline open again. PLEASE STAY OFF!
It’s official–the Manitou Incline will close on Monday, August 18th at 6 am for repairs, and will remain closed three to four months. Plans to patrol the area have been announced, as well as substantial fines for those caught illegally hiking the popular trail.
The weekend of August 16-17 is the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon, both on the Barr Trail. The Ascent has 1,800 registrants, and the Marathon, 800.  We know many of you want to get in your last “incline fix” before it closes for reconstruction. Our advice? Don’t try to get in your last incline trip while these runs are going on! Do it this coming weekend, or if you must be there next weekend, remember–the runners have the right of way! It would be best for you, and for the racers, to use the Incline Saturday afternoon and evening, after the Ascent is over.
For more information about the Incline closure, see the article by Lance Benzel in the Gazette.
August 13: Article was updated with closing time after the date.

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