The US Forest Service announced June 10th during the Bear Creek Watershed Roundtable that all trails in the Bear Creek Watershed that were open before flooding closures in September will re-open June 20th.
This is the result of the reassessment that was referred to as ongoing in May, when the Palmer-Red Rock Loop trail was opened.
We also learned that the National Parks Foundation is willing to help transfer Colorado Springs Utility property (including Jones Park) to the Forest Service. Utilities prefers to transfer the land, which is surrounded by National Forest, rather than face possible liability with protecting the greenback cutthroat trout. The Foundation has the funding to effect the transfer, and to improve or re-route trails to protect the trout per NEPA (the National Environmental Policy Act). The hope is that the trout can be protected while allowing safe public access to historic recreational trails.
The NEPA process is continuing, and the report is expected in the fall. At that time, trails may be decommissioned and/or re-routed. We will report on the Forest Service response in the fall as we receive more information.

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