Sinton Trail Closed for repairs Jan-Mar 2017

Sinton Trail Closed for repairs Jan-Mar 2017

Jan 31–Users alerted us to a closure of the Sinton Trail at Mark Dabling. In response to our query, Jake Butterfield of the Parks Department told us that as of the end of January, some trail users are able to get through, but the closure will be complete in the next week or so, and the Sinton Trail will be completely closed for as long as 60 days. We’ll update as we know more about the re-opening.

This is a repair project being done with  money from the 2D “Yes for Trails” ballot measure. Scope of work includes: Improvements to line of sight, primarily under the railroad trusses and Sinton Road, connection to Sinton Pond, improving drainage under the trail, and converting the asphalt trail into a 10’ wide concrete trail.

The City is not providing a detour, saying it’s not feasible. We are asking commuters and trail users to let us know how they are getting around the closure, so we can let others know.


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